11 DEC 2018

Axians Axians Spain and its partners, a successful relationship

These meetings allow clients to see the latest solutions and products offered by both Axians and the primary manufacturers.

29 NOV 2018

VINCI Energies Spain Insitel, a positive addition to VINCI Energies Spain

Insitel, Telecontrol and Systems Engineering is the most recent company to join the VINCI Energies Spain Group.

29 NOV 2018

VINCI Energies Spain The innovation ecosystem at VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies has developed an entire set of tools and processes to promote the processes of innovation.

29 NOV 2018

VINCI Energies Spain VINCI Energies Spain Life, a programme to live better

The goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle.

29 NOV 2018

Omexom Construction of a substation

Omexom Cantabria Subestaciones is going to build the new 55/12 kV substation, in the Port of Santander, in Cantabria.

29 NOV 2018

Axians Strategic projects

Axians is carrying out two important projects for CaixaBank and for ABANCA.