28 MAY 2018

VINCI Energies España Tecuni: Training future talent

The Somorrostro Training Centre has 70 years of history and roughly 2,000 students are enrolled

28 MAY 2018

VINCI Energies España Acuntia undertakes an international project for Grifols

Throughout 2018, the multinational, Grifols, will update the network of its four DPCs (data processing centres).

28 MAY 2018

VINCI Energies España ASAS Systems conducts maintenance on conveyors for a Volvo painting station

In the next two years, and with a budget of €1,690,000, Asas Systems will renovate the Volvo painting plant at its factory in Ghent, Belgium.

28 MAY 2018

ACTEMIUM Electrical installation in an automated warehouse

Actemium executed this project for Dematic in a large warehouse belonging to the sportswear company, Sprinter, in Alicante, with a budget of €360,000.

28 MAY 2018

OMEXOM Especialistas Opening a transformer: A job for specialists

A fault in a large transformer at a substation is a headache for the supplier and a challenge for those responsible for the maintenance of the facility. The most common solution is to haul the mechanism to a point where it can be loaded onto a lorry and taken to the factory for review and repair. A complex and costly endeavour.  

28 MAY 2018

VINCI Energies España Acuntia wins the Frankfurt Hackathon

On 6-8 April, VINCI Energies held a Hackathon in which the participating teams attempted to solve real problems posed by the companies in the group.