21 FEB 2020

Planning centre: a new brain for Omexom

This centre gives Omexom a great competitive advantage and it constitutes a tool of enormous power and capacity

21 FEB 2020

Fundación VINCI España Fundación VINCI España: record of projects

It has been more difficult than ever to choose which projects were going to be supported in this edition because no less than 25 have been submitted.

21 FEB 2020

Omexom Omexom: a team of champions

The incorporation of Sistem Melesur Energía and Sistem Infraestructuras y Operaciones EPC into VINCI Energies Spain, within the Omexom brand, is a milestone for the Group.

21 FEB 2020

Actemium New Actemium projects

It involves the installation of charging points for electric cars and the construction of electric cabinets for a food logistics company.

21 FEB 2020

Axians Axians improves Caixabank security

The automation of the perimeter security equipment regulations of the entity, enables the improvement and simplification of its management and the increase in productivity of its ICT equipment.

21 FEB 2020

Actemium ASAS Projects for Volkswagen and Renault

Actemium ASAS will modify the current Volkswagen Navarra assembly line and design and install a new structure at the Renault Valladolid engine plant

03 OCT 2019

Press Release VINCI Energies acquires two Spanish companies: SISTEM Melesur Energía and SISTEM Infraestructuras y Operaciones EPC

With this dual acquisition, VINCI Energies becomes a major player in the market for electricity generation, transmission, transformation and distribution services in Spain (including renewables), where it operates under its Omexom brand.