19 AUG 2019

Cables that fly

Helicopter support is sometimes indispensable for stringing High Voltage lines.

19 AUG 2019

Actemium HLFC 4.0 innovation project

Part of the Clean Sky 2 programme, the project will enable aircraft efficiency improvement elements to be precisely integrated

19 AUG 2019

Actemium ASAS New finishing line for VOLVO

Actemium ASAS is putting the finishing touches to the EMS, CAL & cover line, the finishing line for the Volvo assembly plant in Torslanda (Gothenburg)

19 AUG 2019

Axians Security and SCADA projects in conjunction with Actemium

Axians has improved security firewalls at Bankinter and renewed SCADA servers at Airbus

19 AUG 2019

Actemium Scanning station for Renault

Engine injector O-ring presence control

19 AUG 2019

Omexom Substation and lighting maintenance

Several of the brand’s business units have renewed important maintenance contracts

23 MAY 2019

Actemium ASAS Actemium ASAS ready for the new challenges facing the automotive industry

The automotive industry currently faces what is doubtless the greatest period of change in its recent history, with hybrid and electric vehicles gradually replacing petrol and diesel vehicles.