Telecommunications for utilities

Service offer

  • Network engineering and deployment
  • Engineering, implementation, integration and PeS of equipment
  • Turnkey projects for deployment and PRM
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance 24/7 with KPIs
  • Operation and Supervision 24/7
  • Specialized supplies and stock management

Specialization scopes

Communication infrastructures

  • Optic fiber: MM local networks, SM transmission networks (underground, air, OPGW, OPPC), Raman systems (long-range optical links), DTS systems (distributed temperature sensors)
  • Copper: monitoring and control systems, pilot cables
  • Wireless: TETRA, Wi-Fi, WIMAX
  • Auxiliary: Telecommunications towers, booths and technical rooms

Communication equipment

  • Transmission & IP: PDH, SDH, DWDM, Switches, Routers, IP telephony
  • MW radio links, VSAT
  • Teleprotections, carrier waves and telemetering
  • Opto-electric converters and modems (3G/4G, 2M…)

Telecommunications for operators

I+M in FTTH, HFC, mobile and copper networks

  • KPI compliance
  • Broad geographical coverage
  • Ability to adapt to volume increase
  • Adaptability of service and capacity


Construction and operation of FTTH networks

  • Engineering: Elaboration of construction projects
  • Processing of permits and licenses
  • Deployment, merge and measurement
  • Supply and installation of active equipment (ONT, OLT)
  • Maintenance of optic fiber, active and customer equipment
  • Specific GIS solutions for the exploitation of FTTH networks

Wireless network deployment

  • Radio engineering
  • Execution of civil works and installation of radiant systems
  • Installation, commissioning and technological SWAPs

DWDM network deployment

  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Maintenance and operation of networks

Corporate communications

Integration of TIC solutions

  • Latest generation Wi-Fi networks
  • Design and installation of LAN/WAN networks
  • Audiovisual solutions: Videowalls, projection systems, PDIs
  • Videoconference and Telepresence
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Indoor mobile coverage solutions
  • Retail solutions based on Social Wifi and video analytics
  • TIC solutions adapted to the industrial environment, Industry 4.0

Operation and integral maintenance of telecommunications networks

  • Operation and Supervision 24/7
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance 24/7 with KPIs
  • Integral: Equipment, wiring, passive elements and infrastructures

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