Substations and lines

Construction and refurbishment of HV/MV facilities

Construction of HV/MV facilities

  • Execution of earthmoving
  • Execution of civil works
  • Electromechanical mounting
  • Assembly of control, protection and other auxiliary implementations
  • Commissioning
  • Turnkey construction of substations of different typologies (conventional, mixed, GIS) and votage levels

Refurbishment of HV/MV facilities

  • Reform, expansión and improvement of substations
  • Switchgear replacement
  • Expansion of positions
  • Renewals of control and protection systems
  • Commissioning
  • Power plant automation projects
  • Electrical and automation engineering
  • Construction of control and protection cabinets
  • Complete assembly of electrical system
  • Commissioning tests
  • SCADA programming for control center

Comprehensive maintenance of HV/MV facilities

Service offer

  • Operación local de la red.
  • Reconocimientos reglamentarios, mediciones red de tierras, ensayo de tensiones de paso y contacto.
  • Mantenimiento preventivo y predictivo de fuentes seguras.
  • Termografías.
  • Medidas de carga y calidad de onda.
  • Diagnosis de cables.
  • Servicio de averías 24h 365días/año.
  • Mantenimiento especializado de Transformadores de Potencia.
  • Mantenimiento preventivo, predictivo y correctivo de todo tipo de aparamenta y tecnología (Interruptores, Seccionadores, Cabinas, GIS, TT, TI, etc).
  • Mantenimiento especializado en protecciones y telecontrol.

Specialized maintenance of HV equipment


  • Preventive maintenance of on-load regulator
  • Predictive maintenance: electrical, fluid and thermography diagnostic tests
  • 24/7 Corrective maintenance: Repair of CTC controls, oil leaks, cooling system failures, unplugs “in site”, machine and environment adaptations.

Switches, Disconnectors, TTs, TIs, GIS and cells

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Measurement of switch actuation times
  • Resistance measurement of static and dynamic contacts, switches and disconnectors
  • Capacity Measurement and Tg (d)
  • Insulation measurement
  • SF6 quality analysis
  • Analysis of dielectric oils
  • Thermographs
  • Corrective Maintenance 24/7: adjustment and/or replacement of elements

Maintenance and commissioning of protections, control and telecontrol

Commissioning of protections and telecontrol

  • Implementation of electrical substations, verification of the correct functionality of the engineering project, as well as the parameterization and loading of adjustments of protective elements and telecontrol
  • Delivery of protocols for commissioning and protective testing of property
  • Laboratory availability, to support commissioning

Specialized maintenance in protections and telecontrol

  • Ability to test equipment from any manufacturer
  • Conduct of scheduled tests per customer
  • Breakdown assistance service

Measurement systems

Measurement inspection (LV/HV)

  • Detection of facilities in fraud situations (double rush, shunts, manipulation of equipment…)
  • Verification and testing of measuring equipment
  • Programming of meters including remote management

Assembly and maintenance of facilities with measurement equipment (LV/HV)

  • Telemetry meters and concentrators
  • Communication equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment (TI, TT, capacitor banks)
  • Network quality analysis equipment
  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Connection and integration tests in the system

Grid management

Management of incidents and service quality in the Electrical Grid

  • Validation of incidents and verification of all documentation associated with them
  • Analysis and verification of the information of incidents with economic penalty, to verify the integrity of their data (Individual Quality)
  • Calculation and reporting of TIEPI and NIEPI

Implementation and maintenance of SCADA Systems

  • Operational control centers of the Electrical Grid
    • AGC System
    • ICCP links
    • Design and update of operation schemes
    • Verification and telecontrol tests
    • Data records
    • Design and implementation of alarm management
    • Elaboration of formulas for surveillance, alarms, calculation of measurements, quotas, leaks, etc.
  • Energy efficiency management
  • Supervision of energy installtions
  • Maintenance of graphical and/or alphanumeric databases

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