Omexom Territories

Omexom Territories, the VINCI Energies Lighting and Dynamic Urban Equipment brand.

Omexom Territories, the VINCI Energies Lighting and Dynamic Urban Equipment brand, has carried out highly successful work for local and regional authorities since 2001.

The brand’s 70 business units form the Citeos network offering state-of-the-art expertise in public lighting, architectural lighting, illuminations and dynamic urban equipment for urban and rural areas in mainland and overseas France, also in Austria, Spain and Morocco.

Omexom Territories set up its first international locations in 2014, in Vienna (Austria) and Bilbao (Spain) and is working with local VINCI Energies Group business units to explore prospects for development in Morocco and New Zealand.

Urban space experts

Omexom Territories teams build on their in-depth familiarity with the environment and its users and on their technical expertise to support the full range of urban projects carried out by local authorities.

Omexom Territories teams have the capability to roll out all phases of solutions that shorten travel time and ensure balanced transport modes for urban users.

Omexom Territories delivers integrated and customised solutions for :

  • traffic regulation
  • access and flow control
  • urban video surveillance systems
  • electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • connected urban furniture

Service focus

Omexom Territories teams operate day to day in cities, handling lighting master plans, traffic regulation, communication networks, illuminations and lighting plans. They provide all the requisite human and logistical resources to ensure 24-hour maintenance and user safety and to deliver the expected quality of service.

Lighting specialists

Local Omexom Territories teams undergo constant training and have the benefit of the shared experience of a network of 70 business units. They have won many awards for their architectural lighting installations and are also widely respected partners supporting the projects of manufacturers and designers.

Philips Lighting has shown its appreciation of Omexom Territories teams’ expertise around the world through its “Certified Value Added Partner” programme.

Innovation to improve urban life

Omexom Territories tests innovative solutions and develops new services for the city of the future. Its expertise and know-how enable it to identify, integrate and develop innovative projects and tools that are technically appropriate, functional and cost-effective.

As part of its technology watch, Omexom Territories rolls out pilot sites every year designed to test the most recent innovations, including full-scale test benches for LED lighting fixtures and electronic equipment, remote management and remote monitoring pilot projects.

Business applications

With Omexom Territories, each project is designed comprehensively to take account of renovation and beautification objectives and to optimise energy consumption and maintenance going forward. Citeos has its own tools, dedicated to its business activities and devised on the basis of its experience and its attention to the needs of local authorities. At every stage of a project, Omexom Territories advises the customer, adapts its operations and measures the results.

Omexom Territories applications support

  • 28972109563_692929f31b_z Design: Electrical engineering calculations, structural design and simulation of facilities
  • Decision: Photometric audit, energy savings comparator
  • Measurement:Grid audit, project carbon footprint, lighting level measurement

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