VINCI Energies Spain Life, a programme to live better

The goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle.


VINCI Energies Spain has started the programme VINCI Energies Spain LIFE, which aims to encourage actions that promote a healthier lifestyle, to promote among all of the group’s collaborators a personal balance between work, physical activity and emotional well-being. This balance has personal and collective benefits that make work a space to improve well-being for all of the group’s employees.

In 2019, the programme will be implemented under the concept of WELLNESS ATTITUDE, promoting physical activity and good dietary habits. Different programmes will be developed in the coming years. In the area of physical activity, special emphasis will be given to running, in-person training programmes, generic and personalized online training programmes and special meet-ups. Other types of activities will be offered as a complement to running, providing an attractive and diverse range of activities that are accessible to the largest number of collaborators.


Other aspects of the programme are being studied and details will be given in the coming months. Information on the content will be sent to all of the workers of VINCI Energies Spain by different means: email, yammer, My view, informational posters in companies, VINCI Energies Spain information in the Polo Positivo and website, etc. To sum up, an awareness and motivation campaign will make all workers aware of the programme and will invite them to take part in it. All of the collaborators of VINCI Energies Spain will be invited to participate in this initiative through their work teams. All that is required is a little imagination and a desire to have a good time.

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