VINCI Energies Spain at CIGRE 2018

VINCI Energies Spain attended CIGRE 2018, a major biennial exhibition of the world’s large electric systems, held in Paris.


Omexom Spain and Axians Spain were also present at the event, which achieved record-breaking attendance this year: 250 exhibitors, representing 98 countries, 9,500 specialists, and 3,600 delegates attended the six conference days and five technical exhibition days.

On behalf of Omexom Spain, Antonio León delivered a presentation about maintenance service for power transformers including charge regulators, a multibrand service offered by Omexom Specialists.

As Antonio León explained, “We are experts in testing, OLTC maintenance, insulation maintenance and corrective maintenance for transformers of virtually all brands. Our teams are prepared to respond almost immediately to any incident.”

It was also interesting to learn about the maintenance services and electromagnetic renewal of AT switches and disconnectors developed at the Omexom workshop in Lyon (France). “This activity, together with the specialised maintenance of Omexom in Spain, constitutes a valuable offer for clients,” ensured Javier Pérez, director of Omexom Spain.

For its part, Omexom France presented interesting advances in network digitisation, thanks to an application that uses virtual reality to enter a digitised substation to verify distances, interferences, study possible extensions, etc.

Representatives from Red Eléctrica Spain and Viesgo were also present at the fair. REE attended Omexom Germany’s demonstration of a new mechanical system of fastening insulated conductors that helps reduce the assembly and disassembly times of new towers and subsequently, discharge times.

On the topic of potential teamwork between Omexom and Axians, María Isabel Arias, sales director at Axians Spain, explained, “Today the demand for energy throughout the world is transforming the way in which it is produced, distributed, and consumed. Omexom, which knows that the concept of efficiency is a fundamental value, has begun to develop its business portfolio with Axians in an effort to provide a smart power grid that results in better management and distribution of energy resources.”  

Finally, in terms of innovation, it is worth noting the mechanical energy storage project from Gravitricity, in which VINCI Energies participates by contributing its experience and potential in OC (VC) and EM/Instrumentation through Omexom and Actemium.

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