Security Initiatives of VINCI Energías España

In Spain, we carry out numerous prevention initiatives. Here are some examples.

“Actitud Segura” (Safe Attitude) Campaign of VINCI Energies España

In the second half of the year, we have carried out training sessions for the prevention of risks in the workplace, with the help of the Basic Interactive Training Manual, created by the Safety Club of VINCI Energies España.

Sessions have been held with small groups of workers, guided by prevention departments. Up to now, 80% of the staff of VINCI Energies España has already participated in these sessions, and the general impression conveyed by attendees is that the Manual is a didactic and entertaining tool, very useful for training on the risks of our activity.

This Manual refreshes concepts about risks and preventive measures of our activity, and illustrates them through images, animations and videos, and performs an evaluation of them at the end of each thematic block.


Winners of the 2nd Painting Contest for Children!

Under the motto ‘Christmas postcard on safety at work’, the Safety Club of VINCI Energies España has chosen the winners of the second children’s drawing contest, which involved 22 children from our companies in Spain.



On the website you can see the drawings of all the participants.

Safety Day with the Family!

Almost 400 people, including workers and relatives of the three companies of VINCI Energies España, participated in the first Safety Day with the Family, organized by the Safety Club of Spain. Three events, in different days and places but with a common purpose: raise awareness among workers and their families about the importance of safety at work, and to enjoy a day of leisure and activities outside the work environment.

6th and 13th June of 2015 were days of meeting and fun. Among the various activities planned, there was a common one: the presentation of the story ‘The Land of Light’, narrated in each place by a storyteller. All workers also shared a barbecue, commemorative t-shirts and multiactivities for children and adults.

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