VINCI Foundation


The newly formed Foundation VINCI España wants to answer the questions that many professionals, managers and technicians of the VINCI Group in Spain have raised. The objective is to support the development of local projects that fight against the social exclusion of people or groups, and favor social, professional or labor insertion of disadvantaged individuals or groups.

The Foundation VINCI España is formed by the companies of the VINCI Group in Spain (VINCI EnergiesSpain, Eurovia, Freyssinet and Rodio Kronsa), together with the Fondation d’Entreprise VINCI pour la Cité.

All of them are represented in the Trust of the Foundation that also has an external expert, specialist in social exclusion, belonging to the Spanis Red Cross.




For the selection of projects a Project Selection Committee has been created, consisting of people from the VINCI companies in Spain, who will present to the Board of Trustees the best projects to be financed.

The Foundation VINCI España is the tenth foundation that joins this solidarity project of the VINCI Group. The rest are located in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Africa.

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