Substation and lighting maintenance

Several of the brand’s business units have renewed important maintenance contracts

The Omexom Baleares business unit has renewed its Substation Maintenance Brigade contact with Red Eléctrica de España (REE), for the Balearic Islands until 2022, worth in excess of €3M, whilst Omexom Cantabria Subestaciones has been awarded another Substation Maintenance Brigade 3-year framework contract by REE, which in this case covers the Red Eléctrica northern sector from Cantabria to Aragón, worth over €3M. In both cases, the contracts cover the maintenance and operation of all REE substations in the aforementioned areas.

Omexom, via the Omexom Cantabria Línea business unit, has also become one of the six awardee companies under the Plan anual 2019 de tendido y sustitución de fibra óptica [2019 Annual stringing and fibre optic replacement plan] for REE. The Omexom Framework Contract, valued at €2M, covers 15 interventions in the following areas: 2 in Central, 2 in East, 4 in West, 5 in North and 2 in South. The first to be implemented involved the stringing of a 400 kV line between Guadame-Cabra, in Córdoba.

REE has also awarded Omexom Ingeniería Bilbao a two-year testing contract. This business unit has also been awarded a two-year contract, renewable for another two years and valued at €130,000, for basic engineering services and bidding by EDP.

The new Zorrozaurre island located on the right bank of the new Deusto canal, in Bilbao, now has its first public lighting contract. Omexom Territories has been awarded the contract, expected to last 8 months, and covering almost 2 linear kilometres of street and green zone lighting. LED lighting will be used for a total of 493 fixtures, with individual adjustment, already used by Omexom Territories for several big new areas in Bilbao, such as Sabino Arana and Avenida Díaz Enparantza.

Lastly, on 1 March Omexom Territories started the public lighting works in Getxo under a temporary joint venture with a local company. The 3-year maintenance project currently covers 7,700 lighting fixtures, with a two-year renewal option.

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