Security and SCADA projects in conjunction with Actemium

Axians has improved security firewalls at Bankinter and renewed SCADA servers at Airbus


Axians has improved and optimised security firewalls for Bankinter renewing and extending their Tufin Security Suite infrastructure, which is comprised of two products: SecureTrack, a firewall and security policy management solution and Secure Change Workflow, which automates security change management and risk analysis tasks.

Security changes can now be implemented in minutes instead of days, reducing management complexity for hybrid networks, using a common interface and language across different security providers.

Their implementation enables monitoring audits across multi-manufacturer equipment, the discovery of customer infrastructure topologies, security policy optimization and standardisation, the continuous revision of audit changes and configurations based on standards such as PCI DSS or NOX, and APG reports.

For its part, Airbus has entrusted the renewal of its SCADA servers to Axians and Actemium. SCADA systems enable the remote control and monitoring of industrial processes, and provide real-time feedback and automatic process control. Whilst replicated physical servers are normally used to run the SCADA application in industrial environments (OT), virtualization and the cloud are now mainstream for such applications in IT environments. The Axians approach is innovative in the OT environment, but also very mature, proven in the IT field, and therefore easy to replicate in industrial and utility environments. It demonstrates the positive synergy between Axians, specialists in building virtualized solutions, and Actemium and Omexom, experts in SCADA solutions.

The fundamental design criterion was to make the SCADA application continuously available, and here virtualization provides clear advantages. Providing a high availability native solution, eliminating hardware dependencies, enabling resources to be scaled as necessary and facilitating automatic and continuous replication, with a backup copy always available. It also monitors server health status and simplifies support as well as maintenance processes. All leading to greater customer satisfaction with the operation of virtualized servers.

The virtualization of industrial SCADA systems is a good business development opportunity for Axians, setting it apart and illustrating how IT innovation can be applied to the OT environment and improve on traditional solutions.

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