Projects for Volkswagen and Renault

Actemium ASAS will modify the current Volkswagen Navarra assembly line and design and install a new structure at the Renault Valladolid engine plant

The first of the projects has a budget of over €4.5M and seeks to increase the capacity of the line and adapt it to the dimensions of a third model that will use the MQB platform, the same as the Polo and the T-Cross, which are manufactured at the Volkswagen factory in Landaben, Pamplona. This vehicle will be a new crossover type model (a CUV, according to industry terminology), which will come in hybrid and electric versions and will be positioned between the Polo and the T-Cross. The greatest scope of the project is the modification of the overhead chain conveyors (called Power & Free). Actemium ASAS will carry out the work throughout 2020 and the first vehicles will leave the assembly line in the summer of 2021.

For its part, Renault Valladolid has commissioned Actemium ASAS to carry out the design, supply and installation of two-level pallet conveyors for transporting the crankcase at its engine factory. The supply includes the manufacture and integration of a visual control post that permits the control of the 6 faces of the piece so that the introduction and extraction will be performed in an automated manner. This project has a budget of over €1.5M and is the first project by Actemium ASAS in a Renault group engine plant, which shows the trust of this customer, with whom it already collaborates in its plants in Valladolid and Palencia.

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