Preveo: A fundamental prevention tool

It will soon be one year since the launch of Preveo, the mobile phone application from VINCI Energies Spain designed to improve workplace safety for all its employees. It was launched on the occasion of Safety Week in May of last year.

At Tecuni, it has already become the most popular way for employees to report incidents and unsafe situations. Eighty-eight of 216 incidents in 2017 were reported using the app, and the percentage as of early 2018 is much higher: two-thirds of incidents were reported through Preveo. It should be noted that the company encourages the use of the platform among its employees, which has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity.

At Spark, where employees are continually reminded to use the tool, it served to report 41 incidents last year. At Cegelec, after the resolution of some technical problems, the app was re-launched in December, so its use was minimal, with only 7 reported incidents last year.

As for Acuntia and Asas Systems, the application began functioning a few weeks ago. Although the majority of the work at the two companies is office-based, as Belén Barbeitos from Acuntia Human Resources explains, “The use of the app will help us improve health and safety conditions for our employees and be more flexible when proposing corrective measures.” Spilled liquids, damaged doors, and spent light bulbs can also be reported using the app. “Moreover, it’s an excellent way to involve all employees in the prevention of occupational hazards,” Barbeitos adds.

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