Planning centre: a new brain for Omexom

This centre gives Omexom a great competitive advantage and it constitutes a tool of enormous power and capacity


The Planning Centre was created in response to the economic crisis. Francisco Morilla, Operations and Maintenance Director at Omexom, explains how, six years ago, “we decided to create our own application so that all operators have a work order that tells them what they have to do every day. The head of works, the preventive resources, with which colleagues they will work, the assigned vehicles, the tools, etc. are all identified”.

25 people work in the Planning Centre. At the head of all of them, Daniel Aragüez, Head of the Planning Centre, who explains that the centre’s mission is to “centralise all operations, organising and optimising customer orders. Here we manage both scheduled and unscheduled operations”. The key to its operation is an own platform that enables, in addition to what has already been explained, permanent contact with the teams, the geolocation of the company’s vehicles, control of the parts and work schedules and a guarantee to the client that the task has been performed as well as rapid billing for the work. Daniel Aragüez points out that “the added value that the Planning Centre provides is traceability from the moment the client orders the work until we certify it”.

It also has a prominent role in complying with safety regulations. At the start of a job, each team has to record on their mobile phone and forward the chat held beforehand to the Centre, which includes all the details regarding the characteristics and safety of the task. Furthermore, with this plarform, safety controls, PPE, expiry of equipment, traceability of certifications, documentary management, etc., are all managed and organised.

The platform has great power and capacity. It also assumes the role of planning the work carried out in Argentina, it can provide technical support and, if necessary, strengthen the Colombian teams, which have their own, smaller planning centre.


You can watch a video about this new and powerful tool incorporated by Omexom on the Omexom Spain YouTube channel.


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