Overhaul of the turbine in the Sollano mini hydroelectric plant

Tecuni Bilbao carried out all aspects of this unusual project to cover a specific need of the Bilbao City Council.

The Bilbao City Council is the owner of this mini hydroelectric plant located on the Ordunte reservoir, in Burgos, and its maintenance is included in the interior maintenance contract that Tecuni Bilbao has signed with the municipality. The project was carried out at the request of the city council and to respond to a specific need.

After passing through the turbine, the water passes through a Treatment Plant and is sent to the Bilbao water network, accounting for 67% of the total amount consumed.

The mini power plant has a turbine with a capacity for 2,000 litres/second, coupled to a 30-year-old 1,875 KVA alternator with much poorer performance than newer models and that was experiencing repeated malfunctions, which prompted the decision to replace it. Tecuni Bilbao carried out the entire project, which consisted of the disassembly of the old turbine, demolition of the base plate, and execution of the new civil works for the new equipment. The new turbine generates 1,200 KVA at 1,200 l/s, an improvement of 30% in the final output. The installation was already remotely controlled, but the software was upgraded and optimized as part of the project. The project budget was one million euros, with half allocated to the new turbine and generator. The works were done as a Joint Venture with the company Auxiliar d ́Explotacions Energètiques S.L.

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