OMEXOM opens the market with Utility Companies

From OMEXOM we can provide service to any company that has an HT installation and needs a team with experience and a high added value.

OMEXOM abre su mercado de las compañías eléctricas

Proof of this are the electric distribution companies in which this brand is opening the market, or is about to do so:ti9b2615

Located mainly in Asturias, in Spain, we provide maintenance service of exchangers of sockets in charge of power transformers to EDP HC Distribución. This work has started this year with the first successful campaign and the contract will last three years. In addition, we have already had occasion to repair some power transformers in the field, and to perform tests to diagnose a fault in another transformer.

In GAS NATURAL FENOSA we executed a request of Maintenance test of changers in charge of transformers a month ago. The client was left with a good sensation. They will be informed very soon about the result of this test and, in case of being favorable; will open the possibility to carry out these tasks in their units located in Center and Northwest of Spain. 

In addition to these electric companies mentioned, we maintain strategic equipment in companies like Estabanell Energy, Agrienergia and Peusa. In addition, we work with other clients such as ANAV (Asociación Nuclear Ascó Vandellós), where we already provided maintenance services for their high voltage power station, and last year we obtained another multi-year contract for the maintenance of switches and transformers that are bordered by REE.


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