OMEXOM expands its power company market

OMEXOM can provide service to any company with HV installations that needs a team with experience and high added value.

OMEXOM expands its power company market

This is demonstrated by the electricity distribution companies with which it is opening, or is about to open its market.

Located mainly in Asturias, they provide maintenance service for on-load tap changers of power transformers for EDP HC Distribución. This year, they began with a first successful campaign and the contract will run for three years. In addition, they have also had the chance to repair power transformers in the field, and to run tests to diagnose a malfunction in another transformer.

At GAS NATURAL FENOSA they completed a test order for the Maintenance of on-load tap changers of transformers a month ago, and the reactions were positive. They will get the results of the test soon and if they are favourable, it will open the possibility of carrying out these tasks in the units located in central and northwest Spain.

In addition to the aforementioned electric companies, they maintain strategic equipment on the grid for companies such as Estabanell Energía, Agrienergia, and Peusa. They also have other clients such as ANAV (Asociación Nuclear Ascó Vandellós), for whom they already provided maintenance service for the High Voltage installations, and last year they signed another multi-year contract for the maintenance of breakers and transformers that mark the border with REE.


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