27 SEP 2017

Omexom Contracts Omexom Barcelona and Girona

These include the renovation of the maintenance for ANAV in the Ascó nuclear plant and work for Nissan, Makro, Endesa, and Estebanell Energía.

27 SEP 2017

VINCI Energies Spain Overhaul of the turbine in the Sollano mini hydroelectric plant

Tecuni Bilbao carried out all aspects of this unusual project to cover a specific need of the Bilbao City Council.

27 SEP 2017

Actemium Amazon and Oetiker Projects

Actemium is carrying out an important project for the distribution company AMAZON for approximately 2.4 million euros, and has been awarded another contract with Oetiker.

27 SEP 2017

Actemium ACTEMIUM takes over the comprehensive maintenance of production resources at the AIRBUS GETAFE plant.

After competing with different companies in the sector, in June 2016, ACTEMIUM was awarded the contract for the comprehensive maintenance of the production installations in the AIRBUS Getafe plant.

27 SEP 2017

OMEXOM OMEXOM expands its power company market

OMEXOM can provide service to any company with HV installations that needs a team with experience and high added value.

05 JUL 2017

VINCI Energies Spain VINCI Energies acquiers Acuntia in Spain from GPF Capital

Acuntia offers Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions and services for telecommunication operators, companies as well as public organizations, and it counts with 25 years experience in the Spanish market.