New finishing line for VOLVO

Actemium ASAS is putting the finishing touches to the EMS, CAL & cover line, the finishing line for the Volvo assembly plant in Torslanda (Gothenburg)

The project involves the design, manufacture and installation of a new finishing line (CAL line), where finished cars are inspected, protected and receive final retouching. The line is divided into three areas:

  • EMS, overhead transport circuit model EMS240 with 12 hooks for sustaining a finished vehicle.
  • CAL, five ground modular plastic conveyor belt lines, on which each vehicle is transported on all four wheels.
  • COVER, a ground conveyor line with two lifting stations.

Volvo awarded the project last January. The entire system was tested at Actemium ASAS Valencia and was installed at the Swedish factory in July, during the 3-week summer break. This contract is a good example of the 70% of sales Actemium ASAS makes to the international market.

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