Machinery moved by Actemium

Actemium machinery moving equipment was used to transport two SNK model HPS-120B/5 machining centres owned by Grupo Sevilla Control.

Each piece of machinery was 13 metres long and 3 metres high, and weighed around 48 tonnes, with a non-divisible part weighing 28 tonnes. To hoist, load, transport and unload the machinery, two self-propelled cranes weighing 80 and 40 tonnes were used. The working heights of less than 6 metres made the task much more complicated, and ceilings and installations had to be removed at certain critical points. In the machinery’s new location, the floor also needed to be levelled. Furthermore, Actemium calibrated the machine head and tuned up the two machines, leaving them as good as new. Actemium is now working with Grupo Sevilla Control on new projects.

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