Insitel, a positive addition to VINCI Energies Spain

Insitel, Telecontrol and Systems Engineering is the most recent company to join the VINCI Energies Spain Group.


In 2006, three partners, Iván Cordón, Ricardo Díaz and Javier Maguregui, coming from companies involved in the control sector, began a business adventure with the clear idea of being very flexible and providing customers with personalized treatment. From those humble beginnings, they started with just three employees, the company has grown continuously, expanding its field of activity to the installation of telecommunications systems and maintenance, expanding to the more than 40 employees that the company has today.

As explained by Unai Estívez, project manager at the Bilbao Port authority, Insitel provides “the design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of control, telecontrol and telecommunications systems for different clients, private institutions, the public administration, ports, railway companies, etc.”

“Insitel works in three areas,” says Juan Montes, project manager, “one part dedicated to plant automation and control, a second to the installation of telecommunications systems, and a third part engaged in maintenance, which is generated by the work done by the other two parts.”


The list of clients includes ETS, (the railway infrastructure operator under the Basque Government), Euskotren, Metro Bilbao, Bilbao Port Authority, Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium, and the Department of the Interior of the Basque Government.

Adaptation to the needs of the client is constant. José Cieza, a maintenance technician for ticketing systems for Euskotren, remembers how over that time, systems have changed from a “simple mechanical system with motors and paper tickets, to another type of system with contactless cards. Of course, we’ve had to adapt over the years to this validation system required by the client, Euskotren.” This project involves a dozen workers who carry out both preventive and reactive maintenance to guarantee that the system functions correctly 365 days a year.

Some of the more important projects that Insitel has completed thus far include, in terms of complexity, the project for the new marine station for cruise ships in Guecho, where close to 80 video surveillance cameras were installed and a system was installed to control vehicle accesses, licence plate readers, gates, traffic lights, control of access by people, telephony, including IP communications, as well as the perimeter detection and intrusion prevention systems of the terminal itself.

The renovation of the fixed installations of the Bilbao Metro is another highly complex project, because it was carried out without affecting passengers or the operation of the service.

Another important project was done for the Water Consortium, which involved multiple municipalities and, as explained by Juan Montes, “involved making the jump from doing little things, to having a large client give us the option to work on larger scales.” This contract led to other projects, such as the Arriandi water treatment plant, where Insitel, as part of a joint venture, carried out the renovation of the electrical and control systems. Insitel is currently in charge of the control of the accesses for pedestrians and vehicle traffic for the Port Authority, including the transmission, video surveillance and telephony systems.

Both Unai Estívez and Juan Montes agree that the staff is the company’s most important asset. “There’s not a lot of us”, explains Unai, “and in the end, what matters most is people, dedication to people and commitment. Insitel doesn’t have a structure like other large companies, and I think that what stands out the most is the dedication of the employees.” Juan Montes agrees that “Insitel’s principal value is its team and the way that it works. We’re very focused on the clients and their needs. The projects that we do for our clients become practically more ours than theirs, and that is what makes the difference.”

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