Fundación VINCI España: record of projects

It has been more difficult than ever to choose which projects were going to be supported in this edition because no less than 25 have been submitted.

In the end, the Board of Trustees has chosen to distribute the amount among 6 that align with the purposes of the Foundation: the insertion of vulnerable people in danger of labour and social exclusion.

  • The Agintzari Association, a Social Initiative Cooperative Society, with its “CLICK” Project, sponsored by Borja Morquecho, of VINCI Energies Spain. Our fellow workers will help young people, assisted by the protection system, to acquire basic knowledge of electricity that facilitates their insertion into the labour market.

  • The Soñar Despierto (Waking Dream) Foundation, with its project “Study Scholarships for Young People Formerly Under Protective Guardianship”, the sponsor of which is José Manuel Díaz, from Eurovía. Minors who are currently, or were formerly, under protective guardianship will thus have the financial resources to continue their studies, which will favour their entry into the working world.


  • Un Inicio Para Todos (A Start For All) (UIPT, S.L.U.), with its project “Training in Catering: A Start For All”, the sponsor of which is Leticia Martínez, of VINCI Energies Spain. Young people from social groups with unequal conditions will be trained in the world of gastronomy.

  • The AIPC Pandora Association, with its Talent Opportunity project, sponsored by Álvaro Alcoceba, from Eurovía. The project seeks to support talented youth in unfavourable socio-economic situations, through its scholarship programme for Excellence and Equal Opportunities.


  • The Association for the Integration of Children (AIN), with its “Creating Employment” project, sponsored by Jorge Sánchez, from Freyssinet. AIN works in Alcoy, Alicante, with people with disabilities. The funds from the VINCI Spain Foundation will help finance a van and equipment for the development of the Capacis special employment centre.


  • ONG Cooperación Internacional (International Cooperation NGO), with its project “Social Leadership Programme”, sponsored by Alberto Sánchez, from VINCI Energies Spain, which seeks to train and motivate children and young people from an immigrant background and in situations of social exclusion.

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