Contracts Omexom Barcelona and Girona

These include the renovation of the maintenance for ANAV in the Ascó nuclear plant and work for Nissan, Makro, Endesa, and Estebanell Energía.

The BU Omexom Especialistas renewed its contract with ANAV for maintenance at the Ascó nuclear plant for 3 years and a budget of 200,000€. The maintenance covers the 400 kV, 110 kV installations, including the protection system and a 25 kV internal network for the power plant’s auxiliary services.

Fireproofing and compartmentalization work was also done on the MV network of Endesa Distribución in the Barcelona Centro division. This was part of an extraordinary plan with a budget of 600,000€ for the fire protection of the installations. Omexom Girona has done similar work for a total of 140,000€. Much of the work had to be done with special timetables to avoid affecting the operation of the grid in Barcelona.

Estabanell Energia has awarded the contract for the comprehensive renovation works of the 40/20/5 kV installations in the Punsic and Gafà substations. The work will be carried out in 2017 and has a budget of 140,000€.

This July, work began on the installation of a 110 kV line in the Llobregat substation for EDE, aimed at feeding the new Nissan substation. The work is expected to take four months, with an approximate budget of 150,000€.

Lastly, Makro has contracted Omexom Barcelona to maintain its MV/LV installations in its warehouses in Barbera, Badalona and Tarragona. The contract was done with a 1+1+1 for a total of 11,000€.

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