Axians improves Caixabank security

The automation of the perimeter security equipment regulations of the entity, enables the improvement and simplification of its management and the increase in productivity of its ICT equipment.

In order to respond to these needs, Axians proposed a professional services project in 2 phases, for the implementation of the automation solution.

The first phase of the project focuses on the optimisation of the firewall rules in use, the review of policies and recommendations, while the aim of the second phase of the project is the automatic design of security changes within the network.

These services are performed by Axians Engineering profiles that have knowledge and specialisation within the manufacturers included in the project, as well as in automation tasks in network and security contexts.

It is a very important project for CaixaBank due to the complex design and high volume of equipment that comprise its security layer and the enormous difficulty that managing and administering them entails. The importance for Axians is that it can be replicable in other environments / with other clients.

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