ACTEMIUM takes over the comprehensive maintenance of production resources at the AIRBUS GETAFE plant.

After competing with different companies in the sector, in June 2016, ACTEMIUM was awarded the contract for the comprehensive maintenance of the production installations in the AIRBUS Getafe plant.

The tendering process opened in July 2014 with 8 companies submitting proposals. The contract scope covered 7 different work packages:

– 4 for industrial maintenance of assembly lines
– 1 for the handling of aircraft components
– 1 for warehouse management
– 1 for maintenance of manual riveting and drilling machines

The scope of the awarded contract covers 2 packages for maintenance of assembly lines (of the total of 4) and the packages for warehouse management, handling, and maintenance of manually-operated machines.

ACTEMIUM has managed to expand the scope that it had been covering prior to receiving the warehouse management contract. To carry out that contract, ACTEMIUM will be assisted by warehouse management expert MP Productividad through a partnership agreement that will allow ACTEMIUM to add this activity to its service portfolio.

The contractual term is 3 years, with possible annual extensions up to 5 years, and the average annual invoicing volume will be 2.5 million euros.

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