Actemium Asas awarded a large project for Audi

Actemium ASAS has been contracted to carry out an important turnkey project at AUDI’s central plant in Ingolstadt.

With a budget of approximately 18 million euros and a duration of two years, the project includes 3 handling systems that feed and form part of production lines 5 and 6 in the assembly plant. When vehicles exit these production lines, they are practically finished. The principal handling systems to be installed include 4 lines, each 180 m long, which consist basically of pusher sets that slide a total of 152 smart platforms along the 4 lines. This is one of the most important products of Actemium ASAS and each platform has a total weight of 6,500 kg, including the conveyed vehicle. This project is phase three of the production expansion in the Ingolstadt central plant and it consolidates the trust that AUDI has placed in Actemium ASAS in regard to platform-based (skillets) production lines, given that the installation of production lines 1 and 2 in the assembly plant of this same factory were successfully completed in 2017. The cost of that job was close to 14 million euros.

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