VINCI Energies in the country & key figures

VINCI Energies in Spain

Our group’s work in Spain is aligned with that of all VINCI Energies’ different branches: in a constantly changing world, we focus on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to speed up deployment of new technologies, advocating two key changes: digital transformation and the energy transition.

VINCI Energies complements the solid reputation of its business units by providing the group with technical, logistics and financial support enabling it to take on any project, no matter how ambitious.

In Spain, VINCI Energies offers its wide range of services under five brand names:


VINCI Energies began business in Spain in late 2002 with the acquisition of a majority holding in Spark Ibérica, a company working in the infrastructure, telecommunications, industry and tertiary sectors. In 2007 it joined the Tecuni group, which specialises in high and low voltage distribution, electrical substations, instrumentation and street lighting, and three years later a new partner was incorporated: Cegelec, which works in the industrial maintenance, nuclear power plant activities and aeronautics sectors. The group’s growth was further boosted in 2017 with the acquisition of Acuntia, a leading company in solutions and services for IP converged networks, secure systems and applications, and ASAS Systems, Spain’s market leader in handling equipment for the automotive industry. In 2018, the incorporation of the engineering, automation, installation and control firm Insitel strengthened its presence in the Basque Country.

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