VINCI Energies in the country & key figures

VINCI Energies in Spain

The presence of VINCI Energies in Spain materializes in late 2002 with the majority stake in Spark Ibérica, active in the sectors of Infrastructure, ICT, Industry and Service Sector. In 2007, with the addition of Tecuni, specialized in the distribution of High and Low Voltage, Electrical Substations, Instrumentation and Public Lighting, among other activities. Later, in 2010, the Group relied on the Cegelec, prestigious international brand dedicated to Industrial Maintenance, activities in Nuclear Power Plants and the Aeronautical sector.

Within VINCI Energies, the solid reputation of our business units is complemented by the provision of technical, logistical and financial support of the group, which can address the development of the most ambitious projects.

In Spain, VINCI Energies deploys its service offering through 4 brands:

  • Actemium
  • Axians
  • Citeos
  • Omexom

Moreover, VINCI Energies has concluded an agreement with ISASTUR for the acquisition of its subsidiary ASAS Systems. As a leader in the Spanish market for handling equipment for the automotive industry, ASAS Systems offers turnkey services for maintenance, automated transportation and logistics systems, including engineering, manufacturing, project and work management, assembly and commissioning.

The company has a staff of about 100 employees and manages a consolidated income of 50 million euros. Based in Spain, ASAS Systems has a subsidiary in Germany and offers solutions in other countries such as Belgium, Poland, Mexico and the United States.

With this acquisition VINCI Energies strengthens its position in the Spanish and European industrial market, particularly in the automotive and electric vehicle sector. The experience of ASAS Systems with almost all world-class automobile manufacturers guarantees synergies with the activity developed by VINCI Energies in this field.

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